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Speech Therapy for Preschoolers & Primary School-Age Kids based in Epping, Sydney

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Sound Literacy Speech Therapy clinic is located in Epping, providing Speech Pathology services for children. Services include speech, language, and literacy for preschool and primary school-age students.

Speech therapy is offered onsite in Epping and for families in surrounding areas including Cheltenham, Beecroft, West Pennant Hills, Carlingford, Denistone, Eastwood, Marsfield, North Ryde, Top Ryde, and West Ryde.

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About the Speech Pathologist Michele

Michele, an experienced speech pathologist located in Epping, is dedicated to fostering children’s speech, language, reading, and spelling skills. Her journey began with the completion of a Master of Speech Pathology in 2004, inspiring a focus on reading and the cognitive science behind it.

With a range of experiences in not-for-profit organisations, community health locums, and private practices, Michele has experience with supporting preschoolers and school-age students. Committed to staying up to date with the latest research, she actively participates in Speech Pathology Australia workshops, conferences, on-demand courses and podcasts.

Parents are consistently pleased with the instant rapport Michele builds with children, highlighting her ability to understand children well and bring out the best in them during therapy sessions.

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Speech Therapy Sydney

In Australia it is likely that two to three children in each classroom
will experience problems with learning.

– The Australian Psychological Society

Why choose Sound Literacy Speech Therapy Epping

Sound Literacy Speech Therapy provides speech, language and literacy support in Epping for preschool and primary school-age children. Whether a child is struggling with dyslexia, speech sound disorders, or a developmental language disorder, speech therapy can offer experienced support working with parents and teachers to achieve results.

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How can Speech Therapy benefit my child?

Speech Therapy Sydney

Speech therapy for language skills

Children facing persistent language difficulties may have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), impacting 1 in 14 children. DLD, often hereditary, leads to struggles in:

  • Oral language difficulties
  • Language comprehension
  • Grammar and sentence construction
  • Classroom learning like reading, spelling and writing.

These challenges in language skills can hinder academic progress and impact social relationships at school.

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Speech therapy for speech sounds

Speech comprises the sounds children produce to make words that everyone can understand.

Speech therapists can assess:

  • Articulation disorders: trouble producing speech sounds accurately.
  • Phonological processing disorders: difficulty organising sounds.
  • Motor planning difficulties: trouble coordinating movements for clear speech.
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Speech therapy for written expression

As children advance in school, writing becomes more crucial. It involves foundation skills like handwriting, spelling, and punctuation. The writing process also focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and organisation. Children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) often struggle with written expression.


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